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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Little Cricut Projects for my Little one Part-2

Handmade products are the best and when they are made for your tiny bundle of joy they become even more precious. Here is the second set of crafts that I did for my little one.

I always dreamed of having a little girl, so of course I had to make a banner for our maternity photo shoot to shout out my joy and here is that. I made this onesie banner with the help of my Cricut cutting machine. It saves me whole lot of time now that I have other things to take care of.

I just designed my project in Cricut software and put the pieces together once they are cut. It took a little bit of time until I got hang of the machine and now I just love it.

I saw these cute onesie designs on a shopping site but I wanted to give my Cricut a shot, so I designed stencils and used Martha's multipurpose acrylic paints that I already had on hand.

They turned out really cute. Did you ever go shopping clothes for a little girl? Most of the time they have quotes only about dad's like Dad's little princess etc., so I just loved this quote "I'm Cute. Mom's Cute. Dad's Lucky"and I just had to recreate it.

This was my first Iron on project and it was Super easy to do. I chose the word #adorable for this little baby pink onesie.

My Cricut cut through the gold glitter iron on like it was butter. All I had to do was follow the instructions that came with my iron on sheet and after that little bit of ironing it was all done. I used Cricut Iron on sheet and it stayed so well even after multiple washes.

I wanted a 3 piece wall art to go above my baby crib. I saw these wooden boards at Michaels and started brainstorming.

I decided the 3 quotes I wanted on them and whipped up these cute designs on Cricut with card stock and scrapbook papers I had on hand. Personally I think this wall art didn't turn out exactly like how I imagined but I still love it. What do you think?

Would love to hear your comments. Thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Little Projects for my Little one - Part 1

I am very excited writing this post as I am finally going to show you few of my teeny projects I did for my little one. You can be sure there is more coming, I can't wait to get to her first birthday post yet. I didn't give up crafting at all, its just hard to make time for blogging these days. I hope I will find a way soon.

Baby Booties. Pink Crochet Shoes. Floral baby shoes.

Here comes the most adorable project, Crochet Shoes. Actually this was the last project I did in my 9th month of pregnancy waiting for my little angel to step out. I was literally impatient counting days to see my princess. But I wanted to share this project first because, come on whats more cuter than handmade pink shoes of newborn. I followed multiple tutorials from YouTube to make these.

Handmade Burp Rags. Soft Burp rags. Sew Burp Rags.

I and my mom sew up these burp rags and hand towels just because we love handmade projects. They are super cute and super soft. I used nursery fannel fabric from Joann. God I was lost looking at all the pretty fabrics they have for little ones.

Handmade Burp Rags. Soft Burp rags. Sew Burp Rags.

I followed the tutorial and template from My Happy Nursery for the burp rags. If you don't know what burp rags are they are soft clothes that go over mother or any care taker's shoulder and catch spit up from baby's burps while carrying them.

Baby Essential on the go. Sew Diaper Clutch. Handmade Diaper Clutch with zipper. Internal Zipper Pocket.

This was a fun one day project for me. I sew this exactly like how I sew my make up pouch except I increased the measurements so that it can hold 2 diapers, small wipes case. I also added an internal zipper pocket for Desitin or any other small essentials and a wristlet to keep my hands free. This clutch came very handy many times especially in flight journeys.

Baby Essential on the go. Sew Diaper Clutch. Handmade Diaper Clutch with zipper. Internal Zipper Pocket.

If you are looking for a internal zipper tutorial here is a good one to follow.

Baby Essential on the go. Sew Diaper Clutch. Handmade Diaper Clutch with zipper. Internal Zipper Pocket.

This etsy listing was the one that inspired my diaper clutch.

Organize Cards. Card Wallet. Sew Card Wallet.

Though its not exactly baby related, Card Wallet was another fun project I did when I was pregnant to keep my bag little more organized before baby arrival. This one took little more time than I thought to get all the measurement markings and calculations correct. 

Organize Cards. Card Wallet. Sew Card Wallet.

I took a whole lot of pictures of making this card wallet so that I can write a tutorial but I guess it will take me forever to write tutorials now with all the work piled up. So here is another wonderful tutorial from Infarrantly Creative if you want to make one.

There are a lot more little projects I did that I want to share a glimpse of. Will try to post again soon. I am really trying hard to keep myself motivated to continue blogging. Share your views and comments to keep me on track. I really love to read them. Thank you for stopping by.