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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Simple Valentine's day Decor

Today, I am going to share with you a simple and romantic background decor that works great for your valentine's day dinner or photo booth. I did this decor on valentine's day 2 years back. I was thinking to post this from a while but never got around it. Finally, here it is on time for this valentine's day.

It is so simple that all you need is Red card stock paper, pencil or pen, scissors, white thread and invisible adhesive tape.

First draw a heart shape on a cardboard piece or cardstock piece, cut it and use it as a template to trace hearts on red cardstock paper. Trace as many hearts as you would like.
Cut the paper hearts one by one using a pair of scissors.

Cut the thread at the lengths you would like to hang from ceiling. (Mine were about 8 feet.) Stick the backside of hearts to pre cut white thread pieces using invisible adhesive tape leaving equal distance of space between the hearts.

That's it! Hang the strings of hearts from ceiling using adhesive tape.

Add flowers and candles for a romantic touch and you are done :)
Have a good one. I love to hear your comments and thank you for stopping by.