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Thursday, May 29, 2014

DIY Mail and Magazine holder

DIY Mail and Magazine holder
            For few months after we moved into a new apartment, things weren't organized. One of them was a pile of everyday mail and magazine. I decided its time to buy a mail organizer. Fortunately when I went shopping I didn't like any at the store. (Ya, my husband says I am very choosy in every small thing. I mean every woman is. Right?) When I got back home I was annoyed looking at the pile again.
            I decided to make an Organizer myself using the cartons I saved up. I just keep saving cartons all the time. Do you do that too?Or am I the weirdo here? Who cares? I just love recycling stuff lying around me.

Supplies Needed:
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Scissors
  • Duct Tape
  • Paper Glue
  • Colorful paper of your choice (I used Scrapbook paper. You could also choose gift wrap or Self adhesive shelf liners)
  •  ModPodge
  • Paper Trimmer or Ruler. (Just to guide in straight cuts)

    DIY Mail and Magazine holder
            1. Save 2 cereal boxes or any 2 cartons of magazine holder size. I used the Indian Snack boxes I had. I suggest using something sturdier than cereal boxes if you have. Cereal boxes work fine too.
DIY Mail and Magazine holder
2. Mark and Cut them at desired height using  X-Acto Knife. Stick them together using duct tape around the two boxes.
DIY Mail and Magazine holder
3. I stuck an extra piece of carton to divide the front portion.

DIY Mail and Magazine holder

          4.Stick the Scrapbook paper or gift wrap using paper glue or ModPodge to all inner walls.

DIY Mail and Magazine holder

5. Cover the bottom inner edges if u like, this is optional as this part will not be shown out after filling it. And then cover outer walls. 

DIY Mail and Magazine holder
6. I used little piece of carton to again divide the front compartment to make it more manageable for small things like coupons from mails or pens and scribbling pads.

7. Last but not least ModPodge all over your colorful paper walls and let it dry completely before you use it. If you are new to using ModPodge, I would say its better to read instructions to get it right.

DIY Mail and Magazine holder
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