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Friday, May 30, 2014

DIY Earphones Case

DIY Earphones Case from Chocolate Tin
      Don't let those tangled earphones bother you, when you are already bugged out and want to listen some Music. Here is how you can make your Earphones Case from a Cute Little Chocolate tin.

1.Save a Chocolate tin or Altoids tin. 2. Choose your choice of scrapbook paper and stick it on the tin using Modpodge and let it dry. 3. Apply Modpodge on the paper walls to save it from easy damage and let it dry completely. 4. Add any embellishments if you like. (I have cut small flowers out of the same scrapbook paper and stuck them on). And that is it. Such a fun and easy one isn't it?

DIY Earphones Case from Chocolate Tin

Now all you have to do is fold your earphones and put them in your cute little Earphone Case.
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