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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Let's make Car Candy!!!

I have few posts that I wanted to write for almost 5 months now and never got around. Most of those are related to birthday parties. I decided to write them along with my on going craft posts. So you can expect quite a few party decorations and treats in my upcoming posts.
Coming to this post. I made this Car candy for a little boy who loves cars. Don't you think its the best birthday treat for a kiddo? Ding!! Only if the boy also likes candy. Anyways, I tried using this Wilton candy mold for the first time and found its pretty easy and fun to do with kids too. It would make an awesome treat for a Car themed birthday party or little boy's summer play party. Don't you think so?

I am very excited to share with you how easy it is to make these sophisticated cars. Laughing at my own joke right now!

Gather the supplies:

  • Wilton Race Car Pretzel Mold
  • Candy melts in colors you like
  • Lollipop sticks or pretzel sticks
  • Parchment triangles or Parchment paper roll
  • Few microwave safe bowls to melt candy

Procedure for Car Candy:

  • Colored Car candy has to be built layer by layer using one color at a time. You need to start coloring the front details of car first and then move on to building car's body. 
  • Take one color of candy at a time, pop in microwave safe bowl, melt the candy as per instructions and put the melted candy into parchment cone. (Here is a detailed video tutorial that helped me make my parchment cones.) 
  • Using parchment cone, gently squeeze the candy into mold. Its pretty much like how we colored a coloring page in childhood. You can completely get creative and pick which color goes where to make your car look really cool. 
  • Once you are done with one color partially freeze the candy and then move on to next color. This way the colors of candy won't mix and the outcome will be as you desire.
Here is how I built my Colorful Cars:

I took black color melted candy into parchment cone and squeezed candy on to car tires and wind shield frames in the molds. I kept the mold in refrigerator and partially froze candy in mold for around 15 mins.

Next, I took white melted candy in parchment cone and started filling the mold (i.e., took out from refrigerator) wherever I wanted white on my car fronts. Then I repeated freezing candy in the mold.

I repeated same procedure of melting, sqeezing and freezing the candy with blue color candy. 

Once I am done coloring car design details, I placed a lollipop stick into each car mold, went ahead and squeezed a lot of candy into each mold to fill car body. I did each car in different color. Tip: Once you fill entire mold, tap the mold slightly on a flat surface (using vertical movement) to get rid of any air gaps and squeezed candy  patterns. Also, this gives a flat surface for your car back. Then, I froze my candy for few hours to make them solid.

Simple version: If you are running out of time to use different colors just squeeze single color of melted candy and pop a lollipop stick into each mold. Slightly tap the mold few times to get rid of air gaps. Freeze it for few hours. The car candies will still look good in shape and kids will still enjoy eating them.

After freezing for few hours, car candies popped out very easily by lifting with their attached lollipop sticks.
VROOM VROOM!!! The race cars are almost ready for a race. Using knife cut any candy tail edges that are formed at rear end of your cars and you are done.

I used a small carton box covered with scrapbook paper and drilled holes into it to serve as candy holder. I also printed out name of the birthday boy and stuck on it for a touch of personalization. I made 2 batches of these car candies and I really liked how they turned out. Sorry, I couldn't take nice pictures, as I was running late for the party.

Let me know what you think of this car candy treat. Isn't it pretty easy to make with kids? I love hearing to your comments. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day.